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Women's Books and Ephemera

Images of Lincoln Memorial & The Capital

Art & Handicraft

Art & Handicraft

Authentic American Culture

Voice from the South

Anna Julia Cooper

Home Queen Cook Book

Home Queen Cook Book

Confined to Insane Asylum

Struggles for Freedom

Mary Baker Eddy

Woman's Voter's Manual


Legal Difficulties of the Jewess

Liberated by the Sewing Machine

Abolitionist Performers

First American Jewish Authoress

Captivity of Mary Jemison

Poet's Second Book

Photo-illustrated Poetry

Photo-illustrated Poetry

Women's Poetry

Women's Poetry

Women's Poetry

Favorite Dishes 1893

Sewing for the Nations

Child of Former Slave's Poetry

Poetry for the Cotton Exposition

Buying and Selling Children

Willard's Map of Time

Promoting Temperance

Sarah Winnemucca

YWCA/Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

This offering of women's books and ephemera encompasses the mid-19th through 20th centuries, including everything from domestic and homemaking texts to poetry, Jewish women's rights, Native American school reform, Aunt Dinah's numbers book, a temperance fan and a political medallion. A PDF text catalogue can be downloaded here, or a Word document version here. You can browse the web catalogue by clicking on each book for more details. Additional images are available for each item upon request.