ONCHI Koshiro. Shikashû NIHON SANSUI. Tokyo: Fugaku Honsha, Shôwa 21 [1946]. Edited by Inoue Tôbun, this wonderful illustrated collection of poetry on the natural beauty of Japan is a testament to the resiliency of Japanese culture, published as it was just a year after the end of the war. Creative Print movement artists were deeply involved in the Fugaku Honsha: Onchi Kôshiro did the binding (an original woodcut design), and Yamaguchi Susumu, Azechi Umetarô, and Maekawa Sempan contributed the color woodcut illustrations. The poets are distinguished, as well: Onchi, himself, Itô Sei, Kitahara Hyakushu, and many others. In fine condition, in a modern clasped chitsu case.