TARBELL, Ida M. SIGNED LETTER TO SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY MCADOO, 1916, REFUSING A POSITION ON THE TARIFF COMISSION. One page, one side, 8 3/8 x 10 1/2 inches, blue personal stationery with Tarbell's address. Typed. Letter creased horizontally and vertically, two corners slightly creased. Overall very good condition. In this letter, dated December 30, 1916, Tarbell graciously declines the Secretary's proposal (via Wilson) that she serve on the Tariff Commission: "...I hope that you know that I do consider it a privilege and an honor ... I am not physically fit to undertake the work. I have held very confining positions for years, and recently have had to vary my work ... It only means, however, that I have had to seek a change of work, not that I am retired. As a matter of fact I was never working harder." Tarbell proposes that she might aid the Commission by "interpreting it to the public ... through my professional channels." She makes reference to her tariff work of a few years past, which left her "in a rather anarchist mood on the subject ... Still, if I do attempt to write or talk again on the subject, I shall, for the sake of the cause, sink my anarchism and be wise as a serpent." Tarbell's THE TARIFF IN OUR TIMES was published in 1911, and made investigation of how the tariff system benefited businesses rather than the public.