MANLIUS DEL BOSCO, Johannes Jacobus [et al.] LUMINARE MAIUS. Opus eximium quod Luminare Maius dicitur, Medicis et Aromatariis perquam necessarium [A Greater Lamp for Physicians and Apothecaries]. Lyons: Printed by Antonio Blanchard for Louis Martin, 1528. Folio. 1-8, I-LXI,[LXII-LXIV]; I-XXVI; I-XXX [I] ff.  This volume contains three separate works.  The first, Luminare Maius [A Greater Lamp for Physicians], by   J.J Manlius del Bosco, contains 11 sections on concocting different forms of medication: pills, unguents, plasters, oils, etc. (8, LXIV ff.). It was first published in Milan, 1494. The second, Lumen Apothecariorum [A Light for Apothecaries], by Quiricus de Augustis of Tortona, (XXVI ff.), intended for the use of pharmacists, was first published in Turin, 1492.  The third, Thesaurus Aromaticum, by Paul Suardo. (I-XXXI ff.)  Originally published in Milan, 1496, it lists medical substances alphabetically.  All three Italian treatises from the 1490s are conveniently gathered together and beautifully printed here in one volume.  Title-page in red and black, with ornamental woodcut border, and framed publisher's device of two unicorns. A woodcut capital showing Saint Lawrence and other foliate woodcut capitals throughout. Internally fine, in 19th Century half-morocco showing only a few spots of rubbing. (Wellcome I, 4017). Rare.