[DESIGN] Taniguchi KOKYO, artist. KODAI MOYO Ichi, Ni. Kyôto, "saihan" Taishô 7 [1918]. 36.3 x 25.0 cm., woodblock-printed covers, tassel-bound, fukuro-toji. Kôkyô (1864-1915) was born into a cloth merchant family, adopted into the Taniguchi family and became a student of Kôno Bairei. Important in Kyôto art circles, here he serves as an Unsôdô designer. There are 25 pages of color woodblock prints of designs based on traditional motifs in each of the two volumes, plus an additional 11 pages of fan designs in volume two, so 61 pages of designs in all. There is a bit of interest bibliographically regarding this book.... If one looks at the Unsôdô English language catalog of 1915, this book is listed as having 10 volumes. Yet, the colophon of this copy of ours clearly states that the set is complete in two volumes, as here. Now, the first printing was done in 1911. One might hypothesize that the original edition of 1911 consisted of two volumes, that plans were made to expand it to 10 volumes, but by the time the "saihan" reprint was done in 1918, those plans had been dropped. In any event a good impression with good colors, very good condition overall. Some striking images are included in the mix.