[FRONT MAGAZINE] Okada Kuwamitsu(?), editor. FRONT 1-2 1942. Tokyo, Tôhô-sha, Shôwa 17 [1942]. Photo-illustrated wrappers, 42.3 x 29.7 cm. This is the Chinese language edition, meant for the continent, of the great propaganda magazine FRONT, which appeared in some 15 different languages. This is the first issue (number 1- 2), dedicated to the Imperial Navy and its "defense of Asia". The work combines the talents of some of the most important of Japan's photographers, working under the direction of Kimura Ihei. The layout was designed under the direction of Hara Hiromu. Our copy is a bit worn and stained, but the Chinese language versions are very hard to find, having been sent to what was, in effect, an active war zone. Very unusual.