[DESIGN]  Sugiura HISUI.  HISUI ZUAN-SHÛ. Tôkyô, Kanao Tanejirô [Bun'endô]. Taishô 4 [1915], the first printing. Folder of 50 numbered sheets of 187 designs in various media and styles (woodcut, lithograph and offset). A wonderful epitome of Taishô-era "chic", produced by Bun'endô, perhaps the finest publisher of the time using all the most advanced techniques. Designs for book publications, sheet music covers, posters, etc., etc. Hisui, responsible between the wars for Mitsukoshi department stores' trendsetting design and publicity, has been rediscovered within the last decade. There was a wonderful retrospective on his work done at the Tôkyô Museum of Modern Art in 2000 and his portfolios are very sought-after. About very good over all, contains 48 original printings of the 50 plates, along with color copies of plates 2 and 29, missing from this portfolio and here supplied in facsimile. Though titled the "first series", it is believed no further work was published under this title. In the tied portfolio but without the slipcase.