[DESIGN] Sugiura HISUI.  44 COVERS FROM MITSUKOSHI MAGAZINE. Tôkyô, Meiji 44 to Taishô 6 [1911-1917] Hisui, perhaps the most influential design figure in the development of "Taishô Chic",joined the Mitsukoshi firm in 1908 at the age of 32 as a part-time designer and became their head of design two years later. His graphic work on the covers of the monthly Mitsukoshi magazine marked the beginning of his rise to prominence and he would spend decades as an illustrator and book designer thereafter, a prime mover in the spread of a native Deco design tradition in Japan. Here we have a group of 44 front covers, removed from the original magazines. They were trimmed by a collector to uniform size and stab bound into an album. Here removed again, they provide a remarkable record of Hisui's graphic genius. Save for the trimming and occasional foxing, in very good condition.