[EHON] Maruyama OKYO. ÔKYO GAFU [EN-OO GAFU] 2 vols.. n.d., n.p., String-bound Japanese-style, fukuro-toji. With light colors and very good impressions. The original edition was published by Yoshida Shimbei in 1837. This copy, however, has neither title page nor colophon. The covers, with a subtle blindstamped vegetal pattern, are yellow and the title labels are printed in brown/purple on white. Resembles the copy "B", printed in 1860, at Mitchell 251,2 save that it has no colophon and is published by Hishiya Magobei of Kyôto. This copy overall captures the visual impact of this scarce and important work. Enclosed in a custom clasped chitsu case.