[EHON] Katô Bunrei (1706-1782). REI GASEN 3 volumes. An-ei 8 [1779]. Edo, Wakabayashi Sei-ei. 26.4 x 18.4 cm. String-bound, Japanese-style, fukuro-toji. In the original covers with printed title labels. This set of selections from the designs of Bunrei was edited by his students, Okada Bunkô and Hirayama Bunkyô. Bunrei was a samurai of great skill and individuality as an artist. He was the mentor of Tani Bunchô in the latter's early years. The work at hand captures the breadth of his skill, in subject and style. Mostly printed in sumi shades with a few images also printed with color. Very good printing, a few stains, but overall, very good condition. A very scarce book in any condition or degree of completeness, as here, remarkable. Perhaps a bit later printing after the Nakamura Shôsuke and Yamazaki Kimbei Edo printing of the same year found at Mitchell p.448 under the title REI GASEN, but the printing quality is very similar. In a custom clasped chitsu case.