[EHON] Shijô School Anthology. TAMA HIROI. Kyoto: Omiya Matashichi. [c.1861]. 2 vols., String-bound Japanese style [fukurô toji], 25.7 x 16.8 cm. Identical to Mitchell's "Example A", the Omiya issue in two volumes, complete, save that the "5th preface" is not included present. All the prints, poems, finals, etc. are the same as the Mitchell copy. This variant issue is an excellent printing in good colors.

TAMA HIROI is an important anthology, providing exclamatory punctuation to the development of Edo Shijô book illustration. The quality of the technique would not be approached again until the heyday of Meiji color printing thirty years later when the aesthetic had been irrevocably transformed. Therefore, in our opinion, TAMA HIROI is a cornerstone piece in any Edo ehon collection. [Re: Mitchell p. 512,3; Brown 127; Ravicz 45; Hillier Vol.2]

Our copy has the original covers and title labels. It is a clean and well-printed copy of this important work. It also includes a publisher's wraparound case with a printed paper title label, that reads MIYAKO MEISHO KUNGYOKU SHÛ, one of its alternative titles. In a custom clasped chitsu case. Complete.