[EHON] Kameda BOSAI, artist. KYOCHUZAN. Yellowish-green covers with a geometric lacquer pattern. Title label printed in brown on creme. This copy differs enough from the Mitchell choices at pp. 383-4 that it makes little sense to compare too closely. String- bound Japanese-style, fukuro toji. 28.0 x 18.4 cm; the pages are all un-numbered; the seals are printed in red, there is a colophon on the inside of the back cover citing 6 publishers in Edo, Osaka & Kyoto and the publication date as the ninth month of Bunka 13 [1816]. Thus, another variant is added to the long list surrounding this wonderful work. Though many articles have been written and differences between variants catalogued, there is surely more that needs to be said on the subject.

Besides the bibliographic niceties involved, this copy captures perfectly the artistry and fun of the "MOUNTAINS OF THE HEART", perhaps the most famous of all Nanga school ehon. A very nice printing with lovely colors on the creamy paper of the better editions. Near fine example in a custom clasped chitsu case.