[EHON] Ôkubo SHIBUTSU, editor. [Shibutsu Rôjin jô ITSUMEI] SHOGACHÔ [Bunsei Nenkan Eto Shika.] [Edo, Tempô 1 {1830} 24.3 x 16.8 cm. Orihon folding album mottled light blue covers (probably the same covers as the Mitchell copy at page 481) Hillier was quite taken with this book, illustrating it in his 2 volume set on Ehon, and discussing its importance, as well. There is a copy at the Freer and one at the British Museum. Mitchell had catalogued the Hillier copy. The copy at hand has no title label. Missing the 2 page afterword, but with the preface and all prints, delicately rendered. A wonderful work. In a custom clasped chitsu case.