[EHON] Satô SUISEKI. SUISEKI GAFU. Bunka 11 [1814]. 25.6 X 18.8 cm. This copy of the first series of Suiseki's gafu of figures is a classic of the Shijô genre, universally praised. [See Mitchell pp 505,6; Hillier Vol.2, pp. 753-6; Holloway 51; Ryerson 379; Brown p.93] This copy is of a very good impression with all the extra color blocks, bokashi, etc. of the original edition, it is virtually identical to the Mitchell copy. Some sumi writing on the front cover and rear mikaeshi, but the impressions and color carry the day visually. Overall, a very nice copy in a good printing and excellent colors of this cornerstone work of Shijô illustration. A very scarce and important work. In a clasped chitsu case.