[EHON - TOBA-E]. TOBA-E AKUBI-DOME. [Osaka], Kawachiya Kihei & Kawachiya Einosuke. 25.2 x 17.8 cm., String-bound Japanese-style fukuro toji. Charcoal grey original covers with printed paper title labels. 3 vols Black & white woodblock comic caricatures of people. By Takahara Shunchôsai. There is a one page introduction. Mitchell claims a publication date of 1788, but the KSSM locates only the 1793 edition, as is the copy in the British Museum. Though we have all seen the Kajita Kansuke Meiji-era reprints, the early editions of these delightful TOBA-E genre books are rare, indeed.In a custom clasped chitsu case. With a bit of marginal staining and the occasional marginal inkspot, but good condition and printing overall, in a custom clasped chitsu case..