[EHON] [Ki Baitei, artist]. KYÛRO GAFU. 1 volume. Kôto [Kyôto], N.D. [Bunsei?]. 26.2 x 18.6 cm String-bound Japanese style fukuro- toji. Resembles the copy "c" in Mitchell at p. 403 for the presence of 64 single page images in sumi, (a greater number of images than the first edition with poems, the poems being omitted and images added in all subsequent editions, including this one) the 2 pp. preface and Ryuga afterword with the date of 1797, but there is no colophon. It has the same covers as the "c" example, yellow covers (soiled) with a medallion pattern and with a printed paper title label. Mitchell noted that the page numbers in his version "c" did not seem integral to the blocks and, indeed, they are not present in this copy. Also, there are 8 pages of advertisements from Yoshida Shimbei bound in at the back of the book. So, an interesting variant edition. In very good condition and good printing overall. In a custom slipcase. Baitei [1734-1810] was one of the most eminent of Buson's students and this book is probably his finest - dynamic, fresh and understated all at the same time. An unusual book in the marketplace nowadays.