[EROTIC PARODY] TSUKIOKA Settei, artist. ONNA SHIMEGAWA OESHIBUMI. [c. 1768] Ôhon, worn original covers with printed paper title label. C. Andrew Gerstle has done much work on Settei's erotic parodies of traditional women's etiquette books like the ONNA DAIGAKU and the ONNA IMAGAWA. He has also participated in translations of the texts, bringing the ribald humor, broad and often vulgar, to an English-reading audience. A quick view of the original edition of the book at hand reveals why the work is so important. Settei was not merely a visual and literary humorist, he was an artist of great skill and his erotica are powerful and fun. It seems clear he was quite mad for women, as his are always depicted as strong, lovely and "fully engaged" whether it be in an amorous situation or in his depictions of women warriors and historical figures in his non-erotic works. Settei was a subversive of the social order on many levels. By no means a commmon book, despite his popularity, this is a good printing of this wonderful book, enclosed in a custom clasped chitsu case. It belongs in any serious collection of Shunga and Empon.