[KATAZOME] SERIZAWA Keisuke. KATAZOME MONGAMI. An orihon folding album with a printed paper title label, some 29.7 x 20.4 cm, in the original printed slipcover but without the original stencil printed cloth over boards clasped chitsu case. Privately Printed, One of only 15 copies produced by Serizawa in Shôwa 18 [1943]. The number and quality of the privately printed books by Serizawa done during the war is remarkable but this title may well be his most elusive, with its tiny limitation and lovely attention to detail, it is a remarkable testament to the durability of the Japanese artist book impulse even in the midst of total war. The ten examples of katazome stencil-printed designs on washi extend over the facing sheets in the album. With a colophon bearing a Serizawa stencilled seal. Superficial insect damage to exteriors of slipcover and album boards, yet good condition overall.