[SHIN HANGA] Kosugi Hôan & Nakazawa Hiromitsu. MANSHÛ ZU-E. Dairen, Shôwa 9 [1934] Japan Tourist Bureau. Printed by the important woodblock artisans, Takamizawa of Ôsaka. There are 5 ôban size prints of views and genre scenes in Manchuria. Kosugi (1881-1962) was one of the most important artists of the "Nihonga" genre and Nakazawa (1874-1964) was also famous, known for his light touch with watercolor and the many print sets he designed for Kanao Bun'endô. The three prints by Kosugi and two by Nakazawa render the set complete with the 5 prints called for. Each print is mounted on the original backing sheet with typeset explanatory text. Includes the colophon, all in the original folding covers with printed title labels. The covers are a bit worn, but the prints are lovely, well- printed, in very good condition. A very unusual group of images from the days of empire.