[CANDY - JAPAN] A COLLECTION OF 560 CANDY WRAPPERS AND LABELS, AND 55 DECORATED BOXES, EARLY 20TH CENTURY. The wrappers and labels range from small (2.5 x 3 cm) to large (32 x 45 cm), although the majority are somewhere in the middle. Many are elegantly printed woodblocks employing traditional Japanese botanical motifs, while others combine traditional and contemporary design elements with contemporary methods of printing. The boxes have been carefully compressed and, along with the wrappers and labels, are mounted onto 291 loose leaves of light brown paper, 30 x 22.5 cm, to one side only. Besides advertising the expected fruit flavored sweets, such as orange, lemon, cherry, grape, and apple, other tastes on offer are chestnut, walnut, honey, lychee, and even parsnip. Collected from small candy makers and larger firms located all over Japan. A few of the labels and wrappers show some foxing and/or discoloration but are mostly clean. Printed in clear and saturated colors, with occasional flashes of metallic ink, the wrappers, labels and boxes in this collection still entice and charm. Two of the designs even have the original cellophane wrapper that accompanied each. A collection assembled almost certainly before the war with some wrappers going back to the early 20th century. Mostly from the teens, twenties and the thirties. Very unusual and interesting ephemera.