[FLOWERS]. .SHINSHIN MEIKA KACHO SEN, Vol. 1. Kyôto, MARIA Gabô, N.D. [c.1935?] 30.0 x 41.6 cm., 12 color woodblock prints of flowers and birds. Maria Gabô was a very skillful woodblock printing house in the 1930s. Their aesthetic sense differs from others of the period, the pallette is subtler, the printing more "boneless" - overall a more painterly effect is achieved in this group of prints by some of the most celebrated Kyoto artists of the day. MARIA has here created 24.5 x 33.0 cm size prints embellished with all the effects of a deluxe production, bokashi, overprinting, etc., etc. The portfolio covers are worn, but the prints themselves are very good. Very unusual collection, almost never found complete.