[Ehon] Hashimoto Okiie, artist. NIPPON NO SHIRO. Tokyo: Katô Hanga Kenkyûsho, Shôwa 19 [1944]. 29.2 x 21.1 cm. String-bound Japanese style, fukuro-toji in a printed dustwrapper. 13pp. text + 12 woodcuts. This study in words and woodblock prints of twelve of the most famous feudal era castles in Japan is a remarkable testament to the resiliency of the Japanese creative impulse, even in the midst of the Pacific War. The scholarly text is by Kishida Hideto and the twelve double-page color woodblock prints were designed by Hashimoto, here revelling in the subject he knew and loved best. Depicted are Chiyoda Castle in Tokyo, Osaka Castle, Hirosaki Castle, Okayama Castle, Matsuyama Castle, along with Himeji, Kôchi, Ogaki, Oyama, Nagoya, Komoro and Hikone Castles, many of which would be in ashes within a year. This is a lavish and very well-printed production on good paper. The prints are very fresh. [See Hillier 1044,5]