[EHON] GENDAI HAIGA SHU [A COLLECTION OF MODERN HAIGA] 1 volume [of 4] Summer. Summer has 30 full page color woodcuts, complete as called for. String-bound Japanese style in printed paper covers. Dated Taishô 5 [1916], first printing. Compiled by Shimada Yûkichi; printed by Kishi Kageyoshi and published by Haigadô, Tokyo.

The GENDAI HAIGA SHU is a work of considerable skill and scarcity. The list of artists involved is a long one, including Nakamura Fusetsu, Tomita Keisen, Ishii Hakutei, Hirafuku Hyakusui, Ota Saburô, Kosugi Misei, Shimomura Izan and many other important figures in Western-style painting, here working in their literati "haiga" mode.

Mitchell had but one volume of the four, the British Library only procured its own complete set within the last ten or fifteen years. Hillier seems to have missed the existence of the book completely. Our "Summer" volume is clean and fresh throughout and the overall condition of the book is very good, with the original covers. The work seems to have escaped the foxing so prevalent in other Taishô era productions. One volume.