[CHILDREN'S - JAPAN] TAKEI Takeo, editor. Yôji Hyôjun Ehon OHISAMA TO OTSUKISAMA. Tokyo, Shôwa 15 [1940]. Stiff wrappers, about 10" x 7", illustrated in color throughout. The covers and the twelve double-page spreads within are printed after work by several important artists and illustrators including Takei, himself. This is volume 7 of the "Standard Picture Books for Children" series, its title could be translated as MADAM SUN AND MISTRESS MOON. It has a series of fifteen charming depictions of the influence and necessity of the sun and moon on our daily lives. No sign of the Imperial sun worship of the time save an explicit pictorial juxtaposition of the ancient Egyptians and modern Japanese worshipping the sun. The moon comes in to the picture at the very end, as a guide for children on dark streets at night. The text is by Takei. The covers are a bit rubbed and slightly stained and soiled, but overall a good copy of this extremely ephemeral publication.