[DESIGN BOOK] Takeuchi SEIHO. SEIHO IPPINSHU. Kyoto & Tokyo, Unsôdô, Meiji 12 - 13 [1935 - 6]. The first series, complete with 31 prints in 10 portfolios of SEIHO'S MASTERWORKS. In EHON: THE ARTIST AND THE BOOK IN JAPAN, Roger Keyes' catalogue to the 2007 NYPL exhibition of the same name, quite a bit of attention is paid to this work. The entry quotes Jack Hillier, who called it "one of the most magnificent printing achievements of the twentieth century." Most sets were destroyed, as were the blocks, when the printer's studio in Tokyo burned during the war, making the IPPINSHU quite scarce.

There are 20 woodcuts, double oban in size, as well as 11 other prints done in collotype, lithography and experimental combinations - all the most advanced techniques of the time are lovingly employed to capture Seihô's art.

The prints are bright and clean. The portfolios have undergone a bit of age wear and toning. Housed in a custom clamshell box. A magnificent collection.