[DESIGN MAGAZINE] Fukada Zuan Kenkyûsho.  GENDAI NO ZUAN; GENDAI NO ZUAN KÔGEI; ZUAN TO KÔGEI. Tôkyô, Taishô 4 [1915] to Taishô 13 [1924].  23 issues of this important periodical on design in Japan.  The dominant aesthetic is a Japanese version of Art Deco.  Each issue has many illustrations, several of which are in color and the covers are classics.  There are hundreds of pages of interesting and informative articles on contemporary design by critics and artists alike.  By 1922, it had dropped the "GENDAI" ["CONTEMPORARY"] from the title and the last four issues here are much less oriented to Art Deco and more inclusive of traditional and folk design, as well.  Overall there is some browning but the general condition is quite good.  The magazines are individually complete. A very scarce periodical, here preserved in a good-sized archive which is, of course, only a partial run.     $3,500.00