[MIMEOGRAPH/STENCIL ART] Wakayama Yasôji, poet and artist. Bôchû Kanpon Sono ichi, GIN NO SHIMA Chizu Hensenki. Tôkyô, Seiensô. Shôwa 45 [1970]. One of 150 copies, signed by Wakayama. Small western-bound quarter leather and printed paper volume, illustrated by Wakayama in his own technique of stencil art, named kôhan. 12.3 x 13.4 cm. The fine art printmaking technique of kôhan was developed in 1941 by Wakayama [1903-83], a close associate of Onchi Kôshirô. He was an enormously prolific single sheet printmaker using color woodblock and kôhan, but this charming little volume is one of his scarce and wonderful artist' books. The first of the series, roughly translated as "Books done for fun during a hectic life" It explores the 16th century as foreigners drew close to Japan, the silver islands, in their efforts to complete the map of the world. It is in excellent condition throughout, in the original decorative box and the outer publisher's shipping box, as well.