[CREATIVE PRINT MOVEMENT] HIRATSUKA Un'ichi, editor. Shôwa 17-nenpan KITSUTSUKI HANGASHU. There were 100 copies hand-cut and hand-printed by the artists in Tôkyô in 1942. This copy is one of a further 30 sets that were produced to exchange between the members of the artists' group of printmakers who created the series. With the original table of contents which calls for 23 prints (all are present). It should be noted that some of the prints are marred by worming, but this set is extremely unusual and the artists very important, including such masters as Munakata Shikô, Ono Tadashige, Hiratsuka Un'ichi and Azechi Umetarô, among many others. Complete, as issued, in the original portfolio cover with contents page and colophon, as well.