Okamoto Ippei, Maekawa Sempan, Hiratsuka Un'ichi, et al. TÔKAIDÔ GOJÛSAN-SUGI MANGA EMAKI. Jô Ge. Two scrolls, each over 30 feet long and 10" high. The scroll set was done in some 250 to 300 copies by 18 members of the Tokyo Manga Association, each set hand- painted. It would appear that the trip upon which the set was based took place in 1920-21 and the paintings must have been finished soon after. The inventory of artists involved include some famous names: Mizushima Nihou, Kondô Koichiro, Ippei, Sempan & Un'ichi, among others. The Great Earthquake must have destroyed quite a few and the war many more. Now the set appears infrequently in the market. Our copy has some creasing to the interior of each scroll and minor foxing that often appears in copies of this work, but, overall, it is clean and quite well painted. A very nice example this genre of hand-painted multiples. In the original inscribed wooden box.