[DESIGNS FOR SATSUMA]  KINKÔZAN.  206 ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. A large portfolio of manuscript images, some 205 approximately 29 x 19.5 cm., and one large folded image about twice that size that is stamped with the seal of the important Kyoto ceramic house Kinkôzan.  Skillfully done throughout in opaque watercolor, white gofun, metallic and mineral pigments, the drawings capture the complex and intricate patterns of 19th century Kyoto Satsuma ware as designed by perhaps its finest interpreter. Kinkôzan Sôbei VII (1868-1927) and his studio of some 250 potters were the largest and among the most skilled producers of Satsuma style wares in Meiji Japan.  This wonderful group of images illustrates the three dimensional quality of the designs, and where necessary as they wrap around the pot.  They are as lavishly and meticulously achieved as the pots themselves.  Many of the drawings have (stock?) numbers as well. 

This group of drawings could form the basis of an important work of exploration of Kinkôzan and the Kyoto potters in the late 19th century. Are there examples of these wonderful designs existing in museums and collections around the world? Were these simply a record of designs as they were produced or were they a "sample book" for orders?

In very good condition, the drawings are enclosed in a folding clasped chitsu case.