ONCHI Kôshiro, author & artist. UMI NO HYOJO. Tokyo, WKO Hanga Kenkyûsho, 1987. #9 of 20cc,, 42.7 x 37 cm. Portfolio of 17 prints and 20 poems on the topic "EXPRESSIONS OF THE SEA". Onchi Kôshiro had designed this album during the war, but when he attempted to get it published after the war's end, had no luck and abandoned the project. A few images from the carved blocks were pulled as an experiment and one, UMI NO MIERU MADO, appears in the British Museum collection with an interesting explanation. (See the description on their website.) In any event, long after his father's death, Onchi Kunio resurrected the project and printed the work in nearly complete form, as only 3 prints had remained unfinished. "Modern" as it is, its tiny limitation guarantees its place as one of the greatest rarities of the Onchi ouevre. In fine condition, in portfolio with a tan cloth covered clamshell case. In the original publisher's cardboard box.