[COMMERCIAL DESIGN] ONCHI Kôshiro, SUGIURA Hisui, et al. SHÔGYÔ DESAIN ZENSHÛ 2 PR-hen. 26.2 x 18.5 cm. Bound western-style in cloth, with original slipcase. Onchi, Hisui, Yamana Ayao, Wada Sanzô and many others, a virtual who's who of art and design in mid-century, were involved either as consultants or editors in the creation of this series and commercial art. This is the publicity volume, heavily illustrated throughout with publicity campaign advertising, commercial and political, from around the world. There are also articles written by giants like Onchi on such subjects as book design. Provides a fascinating glimpse of the early post-War world. About good condition, some loosening of the pages, but none are actually detached. Volume 2 of 5 published.