THE NEWCOMES. MEMOIRS OF A MOST RESPECTABLE FAMILY. Edited by Arthur Pendennis, Esq. London: Bradbury and Evans, October 1853-August 1855. First edition, in the original 23/24 monthly parts, as issued. A very good clean set, a few back strips skillfully mended. all the wrappers in first state, and all the advertisements except the prodigiously rare "Great Northern Railway" slip in part 10, which seems only to occur in a few copies--it was lacking in VanDuzer's. The advertisement insets in parts 4 and 9 are here of the single variety; some sets having, in part 4 for instance 2 slips instead of 1 relating to the Edinburgh Guardian. these slight variations from VanDuzen's collation (some of which he mentions) are of quite minor importance. (VanDuzer 147).